Our Commitments to Residents

In 2010, Peabody made some commitments to residents living on Wornington Green, which will be kept throughout the redevelopment programme. These are part of our Residents’ Charter for Wornington Green, which sets out our full offer, services and support for residents.


Offer a home in the new development for all existing Peabody residents who would like one

End overcrowding by building homes of the right size to suit the needs of residents

Build homes to similar space standards as existing

Build homes that can be adapted as residents’ mobility or medical needs change

Provide all new homes with private outdoor space (either a balcony or private garden)

Work to create local jobs, training and apprenticeships for Wornington Green customers and the wider community

Throughout the redevelopment phases, continue to provide a good repair service to the existing homes and have a budget set aside to undertake the Decent Homes Programme which includes re-wiring, new kitchens and bathrooms, where needed

Charge the same rent levels as now

All references to “Residents” refer to the current Secure and Assured Tenants (as of December 2007, when the first resident was re-housed as part of the regeneration process) of Peabody who live on the Wornington Green Estate AND eligible adult household members and hidden households. All references to ‘affordable rent’ covers both social rent and affordable rent. We will only charge affordable rents where we have provided more social rented homes than the minimum we need to provide.