Resident involvement


Residents are key partners in any regeneration scheme, particularly where they are personally affected.  

We have given opportunities for residents to be involved throughout the process, including the vision and design of the scheme. 

Resident Steering Group 

The Resident Steering Group (RSG) are a group of residents who live on Wornington Green and Portobello Square.  

The group represent the community to help ensure that the regeneration of Wornington Green meets residents’ needs and aspirations.  

They meet with us regularly to represent issues and concerns on behalf of the community. Their role is to make sure that we understand how residents feel about the changes that have happened and are yet to come.  

If you are interested in joining the RSG or would like to find out more, please contact PPCR (Public Participation, Consultation and Research) , who are the Independent Tenants’ Advisor (ITA).  

If there are any issues or concerns that you would like the RSG to raise with us on your behalf, please let them know. For example, previously the group have raised issues on behalf of neighbours such as the development of the park, services charges, maintenance and block issues. 

Independent Tenants Advisor 

We have hired Public Participation Consultation and Research (PPCR). They are an Independent Tenant and Leaseholder Advisor for the estate regeneration. 

Their role is to support residents to have a say in the regeneration of Wornington Green. As part of their role, they also provide impartial advice and support to residents, to ensure that they are aware of their rights and options.  

PPCR also support and advise the RSG, who are responsible for representing the whole community.  

If you have any queries or would like more information, please visit the PPCR website.

Residents’ Design Working Group 

Co-production and co-design are critical to the regeneration process. We have worked closely with the Residents’ Design Working Group on key aspects of the design. 

We would like to thank the group for their commitment and valuable input.